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GaN Tech For Mobile Devices Fast Charging

GECENinov offers the industry's latest fast charging technology for mobile phones,tablets and computers with GaN solutions and a maximum output power of 100W.
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Energy Storage For Solar System

According to the customer's electricity demand, GECENinov provides the most cost-effective and stable customized solar power storage solutions with diversified battery products for off-grid systems.
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Making LiFePO4 The Best Solution

High quality, high capacity LiFePO4 solution,replaces traditional lead-acid batteries as the best power supply solution for RVs, golf carts,home energy, etc.The solution to fully replace lead-acid batteries.
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Power Supply For Marine

IP66-rated, waterproof lithium iron phosphate battery provides power supply for marine.
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Power Supply For Outdoor Life

GECENinov Portable Power Station is strong, reliable, durable, and high-capacity. Support solar fast charging, making your camping life perfect.
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All Mobile Devices Fast Charging

Using GaN(Gallium Nitride) tech,
900 times more power than silicon——Easy heat dissipation, small size, low loss, high power
High temperature resistance, fast switching, low resistance, and high voltage resistance.

LiFePO4 Lithium Battery

Grade A Cell&Stable BMS——Deep cycle, high capacity, light weight, high stability, -20 to 60 degrees C operating range,wide application.

Server Rack/Wall-Mount Battery

48 Volts 100/200 Amps——Integration of larger capacity energy storage based on grade A lithium iron phosphate batteries to provide solutions for larger energy needs.

Portable Power Station

Portable&Large capacity&Deep cycle——Multiple capacity and appearance options with all interfaces to provide power anytime, anywhere.

Professional Waterproof LiFePO4 Lithium Battery

Same Core Different Design——The professional waterproof structure design provides solutions for more diverse application scenarios.

About GECENinov

Established in 1998, our company has become a modern factory covering an area of over 50,000 square meters. Now we have more than 600 employees, including more than 400 skilled workers, more than 50 R&D engineers and about 250 office clerks. We have 5 production centers with 22 production lines to ensure stable production capacity. Especially we have 5 SMT production lines to complete the most complex process of mounting ICs. now our main products include fast chargers, Bluetooth headsets, wireless chargers, LiFePO4 based clean energy products, etc.